The Farage Wave came into existence on April 29th 2014 in the City of Bath.

At approximately 11.30am Mr Farage and entourage entered The Bell Inn on Walcot St and started to film without permission. Mr Farage was told he was welcome to have a drink in the pub but to please stop filming (you can read the manager's statement here) Mr Farage then left the pub and continued to film outside. What happened next is The Farage Wave.

Just caught this absolute HERO in a live BBC News interview w... on Twitpic scrapquotewavingatnigel2

Read the blog of Scrapper Duncan HERE



garyfaragewaveThe amount of support for Gary can be seen on the Bell Inn facebook page - here

Coverage in the news from The Metro - The Independent - NewsUK24 - Freedom Press - and opinion divided in the local newspaper read here

After being inundated with requests to buy Gary (of the Farage Wave) a pint this donation page has been set up (moved from the Bell's website)

If you would like to buy Gary a pint please click on the Donate button. As of 2pm Saturday 3rd May, we have had over 150 people donate, with donations ranging from £1 to £50.

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Print your own Farage Wave T shirt at home.

Click on the image you would like, download the hi res version and print! VISTAPRINT have a special deal on at the moment, though there are plenty of places if you look around.

If you like you can make a donation. Even better send us a pic of you wearing the T shirt!



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Only those who have donated will be able to know the current total contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the same email as your paypal donation :)

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